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Distinction between Entrepreneur and Manager Entrepreneurship Development And Project Management


You’ll work with incoming customers who may not know what they want. After having a conversation with them, you’ll get a feel for what they’re looking for, and you’ll be able to match it with a corresponding product. I was a bit frozen by the kind of strong language you used, because in past your have commented with very respectful language. I am not sure if your comment was a result of a bad day or because you were in bad mood because of your own job situation or something like that.

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Paris Baguette Continues To Dominate the Bakery Franchise ….

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An entrepreneur represents his business which helps him/her in building the links, connections, grabbing opportunities, etc. Employees do not have to face many risks except during a crisis either within the company or industry or country. For instance, during the current lockdown due to COVID-19 employees are facing a high risk of either not being paid or losing their jobs. An employee never has a 100% job security in spite of that he/she is financially secured to a certain extent. The risk factor is extremely high, the risk of failure, the risk of bankruptcy, financial risk, growth risk, or of any other sort.

Meaning of Manager

Just upload your form 16, claim your deductions and get your acknowledgment number online. You can efile income tax return on your income from salary, house property, capital gains, business & profession and income from other sources. Further you can also file TDS returns, generate Form-16, use our Tax Calculator software, claim HRA, check refund status and generate rent receipts for Income Tax Filing. Some cooks and chefs earn a level of artistic mastery that rivals the respect and appreciation of any other art, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

The comfort level of family members and well planned family events serve as a criterion, perhaps, though subsumed partly by items 2 and 7. Once a wise gentleman told me that his community believes in owning one’s house and livelihood. It may be a small house and a low-margin-unglamorous business. Boy, I am proud that we Indians have this community amongst us despite they being the butt of many uncharitable jokes. While they are super successful and their founders are super amazing, we also have to acknowledge that they were also extremely lucky to reach there. I am regular reader from different blogs of national and international but rarely I read this type of topics which will sure break a myth of so called newcomers in business leaving their job.

Entrepreneurs are also known for their willingness to take risks, ability to think creatively, and strong leadership skills. Entrepreneurship and management are two popular career paths that many people consider, but they are often viewed as vastly different. However, while they may have some distinct differences, they also share similarities. This blog will explore the key differences between entrepreneurs and managers and what sets them apart. We will also cover what to consider when choosing a career path as an entrepreneur or manager. In any management position, you’ll learn teamwork, delegation, time-management and resource-allocation skills that you’ll need desperately when you’re running a business.

There are tons of struggles in starting your own work and most people fail at it. You will not hear about the guy who left his job to build a 4 cr company and a team of 8 people after 12 yrs of hard work. You will not hear about the 2 partners who are making 5 lacs a month each after going through the hardships. These all stories are not “success” as per the startup world even though 99.9% of people end with exactly that kind of results. People in jobs will surely have a limited upside on their salaries compared to a business person.

Before taking a final decision it is important to undergo a self and market analysis and then decide. If you like to take the charge, handle the work the way you want then entrepreneurship is more suitable. Business often requires hours of work to get off the ground and operate successfully.

They see the worst, most demanding, angriest sides of people — and that experience will give you the edge you need in a highly competitive environment. I’ll admit this is cheating a little, since there are customer-service elements in almost every job, even the three I mentioned above. Still, I think it’s important to be in a near-exclusive “customer service” role.

benefits of being an “employee” vs an entrepreneur

A massive part of changing into a profitable entrepreneur is knowing people. For this reason, a psychology diploma may turn out to be useful for a hopeful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur encounters many people every day, including clients, potential partners, staff, and others that he or she should work with. An entrepreneur must be persuasive and comvince others to comply with his or her concepts. A supervisor operates at a stage which isn’t relevant for a startup. The administration institution has been created to address the issues a company faces when it has turn into too massive to allow folks to communicate efficiently and with no mediator.

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But anyone who is interested in leaving is a job has their own BIG reasons why they want to leave. When I finished writing this article, I felt as if I am glorifying jobs and giving an impression that one should not attempt doing business and always be in jobs as they are so great. However, I am just trying to put a point that you should love and respect your jobs a lot as they are amazing in certain aspects. Also in Job, you can use someone else success and hard work to lead a role that you want. You can let the business uncertainties be handled by someone else and dedicate yourself to learn a new skill of your liking .

If you feel saturated in a particular domain, you can think of trying out another domain in the same company or the same domain in another company once you switch the job. You mostly experience “progress” in your career when you are in a job. You need to start the job hunt, plan out things, pack your bags, and move on. I am not saying that it’s a cake-walk, but there is a good level of flexibility on this front. Assurity Cashflow, that is as long as you have a job, your salary is guaranteed. Another major advantage of this is that you get to take loans from banks easily for big-ticket items like Home or Car.

So I started blogging and launched 6 apps on Playstore couple of years ago as a part time and earning good amount from it. Once it starts earning more than my regular job, I was thinking about leaving it. I was talking to one entrepreneur and we were laughing at the fact that a 10 crore company is not even called a “Success” in the start-up world. While the comparisons can be done in many dimensions, its truly personal decision that how one wants to look at both the options. We need more ‘Not so successful’ stories especially focused on why did one decide to go own and what did not work, this will definitely help people who sit on the border weighing the options. Most of the people who seem to be following their passion are just lucky people who started something and it clicked and they don’t hate it now.

The answer to this question depends on an individual’s strengths and interests. Entrepreneurs have complete autonomy over their businesses, while managers must operate within the guidelines and constraints set by their organization. Entrepreneurs are accountable for their companies’ overall success and have complete control over their companies’ direction and decisions. They are free to make their own decisions and do not have to seek approval from anyone else. So, identify your interests and potential, start working according to the desired option.

Learn about 10 Difference between Entrepreneur and Manager

One needs to have the courage and skill for entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurship comes at a ‘cost’ which you have so nicely explained. One more thing is that when we do business, it also contributes towards job creation as there is employment generated.

An entrepreneur vs professional managerial staff is a group of folks that help unfold out the risk of the brand new enterprise and in addition convey in different abilities and ability units to it. Business degree programs touch on features of finance, psychology, and different related fields. While a business bachelor’s diploma can be somewhat obscure on each matter, an MBA forces college students to delve deeply into the problems and develop their ability set. Many persons are lifeless set on selecting a business degree or MBA earlier than becoming an entrepreneur as a result of it offers such a wellounded preparation. However, those that wish to study extra deeply a few single facet of entrepreneurship would possibly choose a unique degree program, such as those beneath. If you learn to acknowledge the messages out of your intuition and replicate on them with a transparent thoughts, you’ll mix two voices to discover a clear reply.

Generally speaking, entrepreneurs need to have strong leadership skills, be willing to take risks and have a creative mindset. Managers need to have strong leadership skills, be effective communicators and have a good understanding of the industry in which they work. The article is written after taking the inputs from many people who were in jobs and then started business.

  • This blog will explore the key differences between entrepreneurs and managers and what sets them apart.
  • I’m talking about the down and dirty job of making food in a hot kitchen as fast as possible for demanding customers.
  • They must be able to plan, organize, and delegate tasks effectively.
  • Finally, a very small benefit of a job is that you can do a job without incurring any financial investment.
  • Intrapreneur is one who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur for the firm’s development during the course of employment in an organisation.
  • If a person is looking for a job during a recession then it can be a problem for him/her to find one.

So a job gives you an opportunity to earn money without any financial investment. Imagine someone took up the job of a restaurant manager in a new upcoming restaurant. Finally, a very small benefit of a job is that you can do a job without incurring any financial investment. Then if you are an expert in your field, then there is a possibility that within a few years you can move to another job where there is an opportunity to lead a big team. You are no more the senior guy working in that successful company, who called the shots in the system and things worked. You are unarmed, you are vulnerable, you are naked in front of the world.

You are right that nothing will stop someone who wants to really leave the job and start their own journey. While working at a 9-5 job for the past 15 years, I was considering quitting my job as it involved frequent visits. Although the salary is good, but it comes at the expense of time spent with family. So I started blogging and launching 6 apps on Playstore a few years ago part time and earning a decent amount of money.

Key Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Managers

However, if you want to achieve success, you should still have basic cash administration expertise and information. Understand how money works so that you realize the place you stand, and so that you simply run your corporation on sound ideas. Compared to traditional professional careers, entrepreneurship is risky, demanding and requires more capital at the outset. Working a steady job prior to becoming an entrepreneur gives you the skills, experiences, insights and money that you need in order to be successful. The qualifications required to be an entrepreneur or manager vary depending on the specific role.

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The Joint Corp. Reports First Quarter 2023 Financial Results.

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Some often have an agreement to receive extra hours off to compensate for the overtime. In comparison to entrepreneurs, an employee can have a better work-life balance. To conclude, the level of financial security is comparatively better for an employee even during an act of god or some rare circumstance. Entrepreneurs have complete control over the direction and decisions of their business, while managers must often seek approval or follow the decisions made by upper management. Entrepreneurs are free to make their own decisions and do not have to seek approval from anyone else.

Personally, I feel that a management position prepares you far better for this than any class or textbook ever could. Working in sales should be an obvious move for any aspiring entrepreneur, even if it starts as just a telemarketing job. In sales, you’ll learn strong communication skills as you speak with people from all walks of life. You’ll learn persuasion skills as you get better at talking people into deals.


Entrepreneurs are the need of the hour as they can bring along widespread changes in the industry and create job opportunities for the masses. Entrepreneurial skills need to be nurtured in India as they can be the baton holder for India’s development. Many successful entrepreneurs have also served as managers in their respective organizations. The key to success in such a dual role is to have clear boundaries between the two roles and be able to switch between them seamlessly. Entrepreneurs are known for their willingness to take risks, while managers focus on minimising those risks. For entrepreneurs, taking risks is a necessary part of their job.

Why would someone switch to your products/ companies when he is already using the identical from an established model? You may add a new feature, make it fascinating, provide faster service, offer comparatively decrease rates or think of anything that makes your product novel and attractive. Entrepreneurship is the process of building and running a enterprise. Professionals, after gaining related expertise, as well as amateurs aspire to turn into entrepreneurs. One of the main advantages an entrepreneur has is that there is no barrier or age limitation. An entrepreneur can continue to work for as long as he/she desires as the control is in his/her hands.

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You’ve nicely figured out the points in favour of the employee. Agree, but still, there are few advantages that you can enjoy only being an entrepreneur. I hope you will start seeing your job with a new perspective and become more valuable going forward. Last year, Pichai was granted a $240 million stock package on top of a $2 million annual salary. Aditya Puri of HDFC bank was an employee, but his attitude was of an “Entrepreneur”.